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“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”

I have used this quote of  my website and now carry this thought in my mind wherever I go and it reminds me on something very important and something that means so much to me and I would imagine so many others as well.

You see we all loose ourselves sometimes but its how we find ourselves that defines who we are and most importantly who we want to become.

I have been lost so many times in my life and each time I have lost myself it seems that inside your heart and your soul that you will never find a way out and route back to greatness or being able to feel free, invigorated and motivated to move on.

But you will!


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From Fear to Love!

OK so I am afraid of heights, not that on the extremes but a little. Call it a less intense phobia.

Standing at the grill-side, of the fourth flour, had many times seemed like a jolt of wind – flying down to hit the bottom end line of the floor. It seemed like things will fall from my hands and as I grabbed them more and more tightly, the fear of losing  became greater. Fallen things are hardest to pick. And that’s the fear. Well it’s not actually the fear I was afraid of but the suffering it will may cause afterwards..

Leave, lets not talk about the fear and the suffering it may cause (which is really very confusing), lets talk about LOVE (a fantasy world as most of people call it to be).

The things I grabbed tightly were the things I loved the most, things I never wanted to loose. That love is just a need and we don’t understand this realism. Our associations with things, our love for them is just a human-need-becoming-a-desire. Until or unless the need’s not fulfilled, you won’t let things fall by.. But once gratified, you’ll let things fall and there won’t be any regrets.

So all in my opinion, fear is suffering of fear and love is need. Fear can never replace love neither can love replace fear. The distance from fear to love is just a materialistic-human-desire. Nothing more than that. The ‘thing’ people call love, I call it a human-lusty-need. Fear is not bad itself but the suffering of fear is the worst!


‘Life had always been hard for me but I never told anyone what my problems were (I can’t even talk about them to myself), which is why everyone else discovered my life as layers and layer of secrets’, She thought. But suddenly realized that she’s here and this moment is so precious to her because she belongs right here. So she vanished all regretful and sentimental thoughts off her mind and..
Standing at the cliff-top, she thought of nothing but eternity. It was eternity for her to feel the way she felt. Both happy and sad. She couldn’t figure out how was it possible to be caught-up by happiness and sadness at the same time.
She cleared her mind again and started feeling the nature. Mountains speaking to her, answering every question she asks (even if they’re lame). Birds smiling at her – the hopeful kind of smile you know. Clouds passing by her with a warm, smooth touch (which is unexplainable now). She closed her eyes and started to breathe really smooth. This time, she experienced the most alluring feel ever. She felt the wind kissing her cheeks by clearing her face off the untangled hair with a soft gentle breeze.
Believe it or not but it’s not just a story in her head, it’s what actually happened.

آپ سے کچھ کہنا ہے

جن سے محبت جن پہ بڑا مان ہو جب وہی آپ کو سمجھ نہ پائیں تو آپ کے اندر بہت اندر کچھ ٹوٹنے لگتا ہے جیسے پیڑوں سے پت جھڑ میں پتے گرتے ہیں جیسے بہتی ندی سوکھ جاتی ہے ویسے دھیرے دھیرے انسان اندر ہی اندر ٹوٹنے لگتا ہے تو جن کے لئے آپ بہت خاص ہوں انہیں سمجھیں کڑے وقت سے گزرنے کو انہیں آپ کا پرخلوص اور بے لوث ساتھ چاہیئے ہوتا ہے بس۔

Speak up for yourself🙏

All aren’t alike. Everybody is different from somebody. Being different is what makes us. Some people like coffee, some even hate the smell of it. The problem lies when we, humans, don’t understand such a simple fact that we’re all created differently, with a certain divergence. It happened with me a couple of months ago. In the society we’re living, unfortunately, people always want you to be their spoon and fork, but you’re different. You aren’t supposed to be their utensils being used roughly or fanatically. You’re not who you’re sculptured, you have your own shape. Your hope is actual zeal. Never listen to them, you are blessed with the ability to think. Speak-up for yourself because if you won’t, nobody will,repeating nobody will…i have learned it and life is moving towards ease when i speak up😊


زندگی گزر رہی تھی اور میں ہر ایک دن کا طلوع ہوتا ہوا سورج دیکھ کر یہ سوچتی کہ شاید یہ میری زندگی کا آخری سورج ہو. زندگی تیز رفتار تھی، رک نہیں رہی تھی. میں لمحوں کو روکنا چاہتی تھی. ان ہی میں جینا چاہتی تھی. لیکن وقت نہ رکا. آج بھی سوچتی ہوں کہ کاش میں اپنی زندگی کے چند سال دوہرا سکوں. کاش وہ سال واپس لا سکوں جب میری ذرا سی کوتاہیاں میرے گلے کا پھندا بن گئ تھیں. کاش وہ پل واپس لا کر میں انہیں ٹھیک کر سکوں. لیکن وقت! میرا دشمن

It is life!

The ​mentor once said this to me that if you’re ever sad and your life is somehow low ever, make someone happy and you’ll feel it in your heart.

And now with each passing day I am realizing that making someone happy leads to your own happiness, it’s like inner satisfaction. Like you’ve done something really good and valuable to someone and they’re really happy with it.


We aren’t who we want to be.

We are what society demands.

We are what our parents choose.

We don’t want to disappoint anyone.

We have a great need to be loved.
So we smother the best in us.

Gradually, the light of our dreams turn into the monsters of our nightmares.

They become things not done, possibilities not lived.


She was a  girl , looking at all the four corners of a square. She couldn’t express.. or confess. She has been showing since the first day but never expressed, which have been the mistake  She guess.. or she don’t know what! But what else she could have  done when she couldn’t even whisper “it” to herself. She has been a fearful soul. Fear of rejection, and the consequences. You know, the problem with her is the consequences, or the suffering it may cause to her, her heart and her  beloved family. Let me bring clarity in everything. They never spoke like lovers. They were just friends. They still are. But you know, feelings.. uh. Oh and she has no idea if he thinks of her as a friend even . You can never judge someone ever. Who knows..! So for now, He and she have shifted to totally different paths, but she has feelings for that particular person and she will have him in her heart till its beating. Even in the corner but always there. Remember that she said this.


I had never believed in love. I didn’t knew how it feels like. How can you know if you truly love someone? If you like someone, does it counts as love? I like him as nobody would’ve ever liked him but I wasn’t able to figure out whether it’s love or just likeness.  I don’t know! I don’t know what love is, as people call it to be a fanatic world and much more things like that.. What I considered it, always, in my mind , was just a need to be fulfilled or was just a word of four letters exchanged between the two people without knowing the actual real meaning. I had been really confused – stuck in dilemma. The differentiation is enigmatic – for me atleast. And this is so because of the love i have seen exchanging people nowadays(materialistic)… Still, I don’t know but I am confused. In actual, this post itself is very confusing like I am. It’s like stuck in between a deep valley. You’ll jump, you’ll suffer and if you won’t, you’ll suffer as well – hanging. I want to believe in the thing people call love but I can’t. I am also afraid of the consequences. My mind is playing games with me, meanwhile my heart aches and suffering initiates…

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