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“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.”

I have used this quote of  my website and now carry this thought in my mind wherever I go and it reminds me on something very important and something that means so much to me and I would imagine so many others as well.

You see we all loose ourselves sometimes but its how we find ourselves that defines who we are and most importantly who we want to become.

I have been lost so many times in my life and each time I have lost myself it seems that inside your heart and your soul that you will never find a way out and route back to greatness or being able to feel free, invigorated and motivated to move on.

But you will!


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You own yourself!

In past days i badly passed through such situations that I am urged to write this. 😦

I think you are the responsible in charge of your life and you can discover your real self by rising above the stormy adversities, and criticisms. I have started ignoring negative sentences passed by people instead of negative people because you should have experience to cope them. Once you have clarity regarding your own soul purpose then you need to get guided by your intuitive intelligence. You don’t need need to worry about what is happening all around rather move on with your own momentum in the light of right level of awareness. You have to deal with external circumstances, toxic people as well as unexpected incidents wisely during the manifestation process. How people can relate all your life sites and aspects with one incident or a mistake??? :O .You can learn, grow and shine personally, professionally and spiritually once you face mistakes, failures, criticisms and stormy times in life. Just believe in yourself, your intelligence and take passionate action till you manifest your dream purpose into your physical experience.”

Don’t allow anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve  what you want”

Positive mind.

Positive vibes.

Positive life. 

That’s what I want . On my life. 🙂


There was a girl who made a sweet dream world in a world of bitter realities. She loves butterflies,glitters,bright colours,beach,waterfall,full moon light,sun setting & her heart beats with these beauties.

She speaks ,speaks and speaks; vomit out all her thoughts ignoring whether audience is understanding or not ,her words that show her world of fantasy and purity of her character. Her laughters and crying were players that come after one another in seconds. She helps everyone forgetting the bullies of people. She was in a habit to say sorry repeatedly not when it was her mistake but when she realizes that her single word can save the relations with her friends and near ones. She forgive people as clouds change their shades in seconds & the worst part of her personality was EXPECTATIONS, that drowned her. She expects the same purity from others.

And that she is ME!

So I thought ;Miss Sibgha Baig you are expecting from people who don’t even care you are living or not. Okay carry-on your expectations …

Why from people; why not from their Lord?

Why you are inspired from the beauty of full moon and sunsetting; why not from their Creator?

Why you are speaking continuously to the people who never understands; why not to Almighty who is the listener,who is closer than your jugler vein and understands the words not spoken?

Why you wants reward of your purity from people; why not from Rewarder Allah SWT?

Why you cry in front of people; why not in front of Merciful Allah; who can recover your peace of heart?

And after all how you think that you can spend your life living in dream world, nothing of your dreams can beat the reality and this world of reality. Its better hundred times that you understands bitter realities by yourself than to be taught by some personal incidents. 

And then She changes into a girl doing everything but expecting nothing except from Allah SWT. Into a girl much stronger than before.Into a girl who comes out from the squad of sweet dreams. ❤

Use your senses- while serving humanity!

Some people think that serving human should be the aim of our lives. I have been thinking this for many days and concluded that if you are obeying your Lord and it hurts any human ,it’s Okay. But if you are disobeying your Lord and following the directions of a human to make him happy, its not okay at all. People consider this thing in serving humanity but its not. I have read a number of ayahs regarding humanity but none of them make such sense that you disobey your creator to do so.

In Qur’an Allah SWT says,

“And worship Allah and associate naught with Him and show kindness to parents and to kindred and to orphans and to needy and to neighbour that is a kinsman and neighbour that is stranger and the companion and the way farer and those whom your right hand possess. Surely Allah loves not the proud and the boastful ❤

I respect and you may say idealize the people who hurts me for they are looting towards Allah. At that moment they may give a wound to our heart but actually they save us also with them, from the fire that is 100th of world’s. Yeah I am talking about proud of Muslim community.

Journey from Temporary-Permanent!

There are some people, when they leave we think that they hurt us the most; infact we assume that they had destroyed ourself. We think that we can’t live without them.

But i like to mention that no one leave us; infact no one stands with us from the first day to so on & its our illusion that they are meant to be with us and left hurting us. Now I am able to sort it out that people leave us to give lessons and we are able to identify our identity and hidden talents. Moreover they are the symbol from the Almighty that how temporary this world is and the people & things in it.

And believe me i am most grateful to the person who left me on the journey of my life because actually they saved me from expecting and depending so much on this temporary flesh.

Indeed our love and expectations from Almighty Allah will boom us in this world and world hereafter!

Puzzle of life-once difficult not always !

I am not writing this to impress you ; i am grabbing the pen because my mind is not able to solve the puzzle of this life. I am passing through complex period of my life, in a journey to find myself & my worth so i ordered it in words.

If you are thinking that the reason of my frustration and depression is a failure in love story, any family issue or any unsuccessful grades in the journey of my studies, you are wrong because these are not problems for me.These are just lessons. Although i am 19 years old but seriously these are not my problems. Everything seems very stable to the viewer of my life.

There are a thousands of people in this world who just spent whole of their life in search of guidance, in search of way of living. And i don’t want to become the part of those lost souls because no one is more unlucky than these lost souls!

There was a time when i asked my friends the secret behind our lives, or you say the real meaning of our existence. I was so confused that what are we doing in this temporary world of glitters. Is everything is to study, to eat & to sleep? My friends laugh out my conversations and just say to chill myself but nothing seemed to me worse than chilling ignoring the questions of your mind & peace of your heart.Believe me i felt so shameful at those moment that I sometimes complained to Allah SWT that why have you given me such a complex mind which thinks so deeply. But infact it is a blessing in disguise. Inspite of it that these questions are the reason of my severe headache; i am very thankful to Almighty that they arise and i found Him. 🙂

I have read a number of articles on life while questioning but the most respectful way to search light of these secrets is from Quran. Everything is explained so beautifully  ❤

If you are passing from such phases then please i request go through Islam once and all your problems start getting sort out. My religion is islam , i am not perfect but my religion is !


Purpose of Life!

Is anybody here who can tell me, “What’s the purpose of life?”. Maybe Iam asking for your advice or maybe i want to test everybody’s thought about this question. I had read so many articles on it but failed in finding an accurate answere except one_ And i found it in quran ❤

I was also the person who faced a number of problems but they all were sorted out; when i turn to my Creator,started to offer regular prayers, made my solitude pure. Still I am not a girl which i want to be, obviously life is not butterflies and magic. It is full of arguments, dusty whispers, ugly words.

Allah has not created us for any foolish purpose. So the purpose i have discover yet it to worship Allah, to recognize Allah, to be grateful to Him and to surrender ourselves infront of His wisdom!

SYNONYMS- Peace & Dunya

I know you heard me.I have been find myself praying for peace today. I have been in and out of a mind thousand times.  I know i was not alone in that room,shaking with the fear of fear, the harrowing loneliness. I cried out to you on my hands. On my knees.My face pushed down against the ground. If i could have gotten lower, I swear I would. because that is helplessness, the truest kind .

The kind that knows nothing, a tear ,a smile or any feelings can be without him. I learned something today again. this is dunya. Dunya not a place of ease,
only glitter.the place where you have to feel cold and hungry. The place where you have to feel worry and scared. the place where it gets cold. The place where you have to leave the people you love.
Here you can’t get attached, because even if you do, it doesnot make it stay, it just hurts when they are not attached anymore.The place where happiness and sadness are only players, waiting for their next line in a play

The place where gravity makes you fall and frailty makes you bleed.

These all exists just to remind us of a place where the don’t. “Where they just dont’


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