Purpose of Life!

Is anybody here who can tell me, “What’s the purpose of life?”. Maybe Iam asking for your advice or maybe i want to test everybody’s thought about this question. I had read so many articles on it but failed in finding an accurate answere except one_ And i found it in quran ❤

I was also the person who faced a number of problems but they all were sorted out; when i turn to my Creator,started to offer regular prayers, made my solitude pure. Still I am not a girl which i want to be, obviously life is not butterflies and magic. It is full of arguments, dusty whispers, ugly words.

Allah has not created us for any foolish purpose. So the purpose i have discover yet it to worship Allah, to recognize Allah, to be grateful to Him and to surrender ourselves infront of His wisdom!


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  1. the purpose of life is not worshipping Allah alone, its something else i guess. Cox if purpose of life was only worshipping Allah then we would not be allowed to have spouses and children and allowed to spent 9-5 on jobs. Its something else. If purpose of life was worshipping Allah, he already have angels doing that purpose way better than us, and even sheetan was doing it way better than us so why would Allah create us ? if HIS other creations were performing it epicly.
    this is what I heard and Loved the most.
    Allah has 99 names, he is the creator, the sustainer, the mighty, the Artist, the Lover , the Forgiver. now Allah’s all qualities were holding true cox he created angels and other creation and he sustained them. but angels never make any mistakes so how will Allah be known as the Forgiver, the ever merciful? sheetan was from jinkind the “Bin” before mankind the bin lived on earth, they were destroyed for never repenting to Allah. So Allah made us. Allah made Adam and Adam made the historic sin and seeked Allah forgivess and there Allah’s quality of being the Most Merciful hold true.
    I think our purpose of life is to Love Allah. In Love you are happy for the company of your lover and you are afraid of losing him/her as well that if you may do something wrong it will make you lose him.

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    1. I appreciate ur words and the way u describe the purpose of life in a decent way.
      So my point was the Purpose of life. Which is definitely to worship Allah as i mentioned so.
      But ofcourse the pathway to worship HIM goes through the way of Love. We cant worship anyone until we r in love with him. Or i would say that Ur Love teaches u to Worship the One whom u Love.
      Plus when we worship someone we are meant to Love. In my opinion To worship is the next Level stage of Love.
      And worshipping doesnt only mean to stand on the prayer mat all the times. U can do jobs or have all ur matters get done while remembring HIM -a kind of worshipping.

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