ANTONYMS- Peace & Dunya

I know you heard me.I have been find myself praying for peace today. I have been in and out of a mind thousand times.  I know i was not alone in that room,shaking with the fear of fear, the harrowing loneliness. I cried out to you on my hands. On my knees.My face pushed down against the ground. If i could have gotten lower, I swear I would. because that is helplessness, the truest kind .The kind that knows nothing, a tear ,a smile or any feelings can be without him. I learned something today again. this is dunya. Dunya not a place of ease,
only glitter.the place where you have to feel cold and hungry. The place where you have to feel worry and scared. the place where it gets cold. The place where you have to leave the people you love.
Here you can’t get attached, because even if you do, it doesnot make it stay, it just hurts when they are not attached anymore.The place where happiness and sadness are only players, waiting for their next line in a play

The place where gravity makes you fall and frailty makes you bleed.These all exists just to remind us of a place where the don’t. “Where they just dont’



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