Puzzle of life-once difficult not always !

I am not writing this to impress you ; i am grabbing the pen because my mind is not able to solve the puzzle of this life. I am passing through complex period of my life, in a journey to find myself & my worth so i ordered it in words.

If you are thinking that the reason of my frustration and depression is a failure in love story, any family issue or any unsuccessful grades in the journey of my studies, you are wrong because these are not problems for me.These are just lessons. Although i am 19 years old but seriously these are not my problems. Everything seems very stable to the viewer of my life.

There are a thousands of people in this world who just spent whole of their life in search of guidance, in search of way of living. And i don’t want to become the part of those lost souls because no one is more unlucky than these lost souls!

There was a time when i asked my friends the secret behind our lives, or you say the real meaning of our existence. I was so confused that what are we doing in this temporary world of glitters. Is everything is to study, to eat & to sleep? My friends laugh out my conversations and just say to chill myself but nothing seemed to me worse than chilling ignoring the questions of your mind & peace of your heart.Believe me i felt so shameful at those moment that I sometimes complained to Allah SWT that why have you given me such a complex mind which thinks so deeply. But infact it is a blessing in disguise. Inspite of it that these questions are the reason of my severe headache; i am very thankful to Almighty that they arise and i found Him. 🙂

I have read a number of articles on life while questioning but the most respectful way to search light of these secrets is from Quran. Everything is explained so beautifully  ❤

If you are passing from such phases then please i request go through Islam once and all your problems start getting sort out. My religion is islam , i am not perfect but my religion is !



2 thoughts on “Puzzle of life-once difficult not always !

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  1. As u said and me also know that Quran provides guidence for each matter of life and also after death but,,,,,,,, how to understand the quran? Maybe u gonna say ” read it with translation “,,,, but still needs more explanation,,,, maybe now u gonna say try ” tafseer ” ,,,, is it? Very simple question how to understand

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    1. First you have to admire that Islam and my holy book give me every solution then later your search for solving them by Quran give your all questions answered. Determination and faith is the thing needed in this process❤


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