Journey from Temporary-Permanent!

There are some people, when they leave we think that they hurt us the most; infact we assume that they had destroyed ourself. We think that we can’t live without them.

But i like to mention that no one leave us; infact no one stands with us from the first day to so on & its our illusion that they are meant to be with us and left hurting us. Now I am able to sort it out that people leave us to give lessons and we are able to identify our identity and hidden talents. Moreover they are the symbol from the Almighty that how temporary this world is and the people & things in it.

And believe me i am most grateful to the person who left me on the journey of my life because actually they saved me from expecting and depending so much on this temporary flesh.

Indeed our love and expectations from Almighty Allah will boom us in this world and world hereafter!


3 thoughts on “Journey from Temporary-Permanent!

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  1. Well agree to the words that one gives us lesson by leaving. The moment someone leaves is really hurting but at some later time we gonna think ” oooh that was childish of us and thanks God, it’s fine now ” . But off course sometimes it comes to us mind ” what if we were together ” , ,,,, well the life cycle,,, one goes next come,,,,

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  2. Life is over with no ” IFs “, yup these ” IFs ” never let one feel relax and ofcource ( it’s not meera’s ofcource lolz ) there will always b if if if and if


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