There was a girl who made a sweet dream world in a world of bitter realities. She loves butterflies,glitters,bright colours,beach,waterfall,full moon light,sun setting & her heart beats with these beauties.

She speaks ,speaks and speaks; vomit out all her thoughts ignoring whether audience is understanding or not ,her words that show her world of fantasy and purity of her character. Her laughters and crying were players that come after one another in seconds. She helps everyone forgetting the bullies of people. She was in a habit to say sorry repeatedly not when it was her mistake but when she realizes that her single word can save the relations with her friends and near ones. She forgive people as clouds change their shades in seconds & the worst part of her personality was EXPECTATIONS, that drowned her. She expects the same purity from others.

And that she is ME!

So I thought ;Miss Sibgha Baig you are expecting from people who don’t even care you are living or not. Okay carry-on your expectations …

Why from people; why not from their Lord?

Why you are inspired from the beauty of full moon and sunsetting; why not from their Creator?

Why you are speaking continuously to the people who never understands; why not to Almighty who is the listener,who is closer than your jugler vein and understands the words not spoken?

Why you wants reward of your purity from people; why not from Rewarder Allah SWT?

Why you cry in front of people; why not in front of Merciful Allah; who can recover your peace of heart?

And after all how you think that you can spend your life living in dream world, nothing of your dreams can beat the reality and this world of reality. Its better hundred times that you understands bitter realities by yourself than to be taught by some personal incidents. 

And then She changes into a girl doing everything but expecting nothing except from Allah SWT. Into a girl much stronger than before.Into a girl who comes out from the squad of sweet dreams. ❤


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  1. But sometimes or u can say dreams always gives u a direction? Ummm expectations?????? Yes very typical ans of me as many others say ” expectations at people always hurt ” but don’t you think these are the expectations which make u keep doing something good/positive? Naah ? Like u said expectations at Allah,,,

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    1. Don’t you think that when we come to know that reward is not from any piece of flesh but from Allah SWT ,you do positive acts more?
      And dreams are good but what bad about them is they make you ungrateful for the things you have. As when people heard anything unusual they called it a dream!


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