You own yourself!

In past days i badly passed through such situations that I am urged to write this. 😦

I think you are the responsible in charge of your life and you can discover your real self by rising above the stormy adversities, and criticisms. I have started ignoring negative sentences passed by people instead of negative people because you should have experience to cope them. Once you have clarity regarding your own soul purpose then you need to get guided by your intuitive intelligence. You don’t need need to worry about what is happening all around rather move on with your own momentum in the light of right level of awareness. You have to deal with external circumstances, toxic people as well as unexpected incidents wisely during the manifestation process. How people can relate all your life sites and aspects with one incident or a mistake??? :O .You can learn, grow and shine personally, professionally and spiritually once you face mistakes, failures, criticisms and stormy times in life. Just believe in yourself, your intelligence and take passionate action till you manifest your dream purpose into your physical experience.”

Don’t allow anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve  what you want”

Positive mind.

Positive vibes.

Positive life. 

That’s what I want . On my life. 🙂


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