She was a  girl , looking at all the four corners of a square. She couldn’t express.. or confess. She has been showing since the first day but never expressed, which have been the mistake  She guess.. or she don’t know what! But what else she could have  done when she couldn’t even whisper “it” to herself. She has been a fearful soul. Fear of rejection, and the consequences. You know, the problem with her is the consequences, or the suffering it may cause to her, her heart and her  beloved family. Let me bring clarity in everything. They never spoke like lovers. They were just friends. They still are. But you know, feelings.. uh. Oh and she has no idea if he thinks of her as a friend even . You can never judge someone ever. Who knows..! So for now, He and she have shifted to totally different paths, but she has feelings for that particular person and she will have him in her heart till its beating. Even in the corner but always there. Remember that she said this.


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