I had never believed in love. I didn’t knew how it feels like. How can you know if you truly love someone? If you like someone, does it counts as love? I like him as nobody would’ve ever liked him but I wasn’t able to figure out whether it’s love or just likeness.  I don’t know! I don’t know what love is, as people call it to be a fanatic world and much more things like that.. What I considered it, always, in my mind , was just a need to be fulfilled or was just a word of four letters exchanged between the two people without knowing the actual real meaning. I had been really confused – stuck in dilemma. The differentiation is enigmatic – for me atleast. And this is so because of the love i have seen exchanging people nowadays(materialistic)… Still, I don’t know but I am confused. In actual, this post itself is very confusing like I am. It’s like stuck in between a deep valley. You’ll jump, you’ll suffer and if you won’t, you’ll suffer as well – hanging. I want to believe in the thing people call love but I can’t. I am also afraid of the consequences. My mind is playing games with me, meanwhile my heart aches and suffering initiates…


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